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Based in Johannesburg, we also create online webinars and skype calls to access our students while we walk them through the training schedule. You will feel at home when you train with us considering the hustles of time and travel. We will give you face to face, one on one lectures if you need more attention, all you need is contact us and choose the times that suits you.

I have been in the IT industry for approximately 18 years, with careers spanning from IT Technician to Systems Administrator/Architect. Has vast experience across different platforms in IT. Joined Academy of Financial Trading in 2016 and found that it was my future. Did The Online Foundation course and then went on to complete the Ultimate Trader Programme(UTP). I have read books and watched videos of successful traders and I’m currently trading. I have also acquired firsthand information from local Traders who have helped me with trading strategies I’m currently a lifetime member of the Academy. I am a Forex Trader, also a founder of NEVKON and also train and groom new and inspired traders.

I have attended the Online Trading Course and completed the Online Financial Trading Programme and I am an avid reader who has been in the training industry for quite sometime, I have all the patience you need to teach you. I will hold you by the hand and show you all you need to know to reach your destiny and all the technicalities that you need to know to become a trader. I am a Forex Trader and founder of NEVKON.

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