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  • Nevkon showed me all l need to know about Forex. I spend very long looking for a trusted broker and platform to use. Then l came across Nash and Makhadzi. They gave me classes and stayed in private contact with me throughout my whole learning process. They all checked up on me and gave advice wherever l might have forgot something. If you want to learn Basics of Forex along with a  great team of leaders and a great team of members join today and get your piece of the market that trades trillions of dollars a day.
  • NEVKON academy is a well established. Training is done in full detail and very interacting. Makhadzi and Neville are always willing to assist and help at any given time. I didn't know much about Forex trading, but they made it simple and easy to understand. They are giving us the opportunity to be fully financially independent. Thank you for all your great work and determination you have instilled me and not forgetting about how you keep us motivated at all times.
  • Nevkon Academy is a God sent. Ever since I've been on their boat I have learned a lot of things which I never used to notice before like candle sticks and so forth... Thank you guys (Makhadzi and Neville)
  • NEVKON is a God sent academy. Makhadzi and Neville have been very helpful in my trading experience. I did not know much about trading but I have learnt so much ever since they took me under their wing. They are always available to assist and advise and I really wish them well in their journey as a trading academy powerhouse.
  • It is the end of journey between me and guessing game + gambling. I've increased my confidence level before placing any trade. Thanks to NEVKON Trading Academy
  • Nevkon Forx Trading is really great, the tutorials are so good, I never thought one day I would thinking millions of dollars in my account, now I can dream it, Thank you Neville and Konanani for your eye opening trainings. I knew nothing about trading before but now I can see a winning trading or losing trade. Thank you guys for your info!! God bless! Peter Muleya